With the advancement of technology in the area of crime detection and monitoring, the need for IP Cameras has become undeniable, which is why we are introducing the JOFAR IP Cameras as a tool in tracking crimes and monitoring movement in your company or house. The technology is simple to use and enables one to view, monitor, reduce and manage situational crimes. With our comprehensive and fully customized reports, the utilization of this system is made easy.ip camera 1

We install decentralized IP cameras to companies and homes. They have network video recorder built in, hence they do not require video management software. Consequently video camera can record directly to any kind of digital storage media --Flash drive, Hard disk drive, and any Network attached storage. They are based on internet protocol in sending and receiving data via computer network [WAN/LAN] and Internet.

We have:

  • IP Camera with voice over:

This comes with NVR (Network Video Recorder) and DVRs with voice recording Capability. The kit comes with a 1Camera + NVR, 1 RJ45 Cable for installation.

  • IP Camera without voice:

This kit comes with 4 IP Cameras + 1 NVR controlling all the four IP camera, 4 RJ45 Ethernet cables for installation.

Being a full service integrated Security Company, JOFAR Systems IP Camera offers a wide range of value added video surveillance, which include: voice recording; high and quality resolution ranging from 2 MP (Mega Pixel) up to 10MP; remote access, being in touch with your assets worldwide using on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Androidbased devices with an application; analytics, on license plate recognition, people counting, and motion detection; no new for power cables, using existing Ethernet cables (local network area cables) or Wi-Fi connections; hybrid, High-end NVRs (Network Video Recorders); lossless Playback, footage can be reviewed with multiple zoom on playback. Page 4 of 7 Video surveillance systems include several types of cameras that keep watch over a business, as well as digital video recorders that store all of the video for review.

Our IP cameras not only lets one check the videos from inside the business, but also give one the ability to check their video feed remotely via a smartphone or tablet. The JOFAR IP-based Camera is an enhanced model of surveillance cameras. This is evident through its characteristics, most specifically high resolution and analytic capability i.e. a detailed image of a person, license plate recognition and motion detector.

The scope of application is unlimited. These include;ip camera 2

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Industrial factories
  • Retail outlets
  • supermarkets
  • Hotels
  • Financial houses ( banks & insurance)
  • Hospitals
  • Office blocks
  • In buses to control vandalism
  • Also used to carry out traffic surveillance in town centers, street and bridges.

The list is almost endless, only limited by imagination.

The primary benefit of our IP Cameras is to allow the client to remotely access, monitor and record videos from a secured building or room. It is an incredibly useful tool due to a large variety of reasons, which include;

  • 1. Preventing crimes. It helps you identify how a crime happened and to spot it in action.
  • 2. Protecting Employees. In a workplace, it protects employees against false allegations which are very common depending on the nature of the business.
  • 3. Keeping records. It serves as an automated system for keeping records and can allow you to prove to clients and check yourself that their shipments were indeed deployed.
  • 4. Inspiring confidence. It is also useful to the customers themselves by creating a safe feeling environment. It allows you to spot crimes against customers.
  • 5. Settling disputes. It helps to know who is in the wrong when a customer complains about your services.
  • Evidence has shown that it has reduced the rate of robbery against most financial institutions.

Why Choose Jofar IP Cameras

  • 1. Resolution, ranging from 2 MP (Mega Pixel) up to 10MP
  • 2. Remote Access, being in touch with your assets worldwide using mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android-based devices.
  • 3. Analytics,
  • 4. No New Wires, using existing Ethernet cables (local network area cables) or Wi-Fi connections
  • 5. Power, uses Power over Ethernet
  • 6. Hybrid, High-end NVRs (Network Video Recorders)
  • 7. Lossless Playback, footage can be reviewed with multiple zoom on playback

We believe in extensive and continuance consultation with the clients before producing a creative solution to our customer. Our values are essentially aligned with the client’s vision and mission, their goals and strategies since we aim to serve as a veritable arm of the client’s business.