Jofar Ultimate car tracking system

Why you should choose us?

Selecting the correct tracker is difficult as most trackers seem the same on the outside. Almost everybody can locate your device using GPS location and lets you set alarms for speeds, geofencing or motion detection. The reality however is that if you can't receive messages from your device – or understand the locations your device is sending you, your tracking device is useless in that moment. When choosing a tracker to secure your vehicle, make sure of the following:

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

If you set our tracker (Jofar Ultimate Car Tracking system) online, you will need to login into our website to track and monitor your vehicles every move online and playback history of where your vehicle has been. But even when you are offline, you can still use your mobile phone to track and receive Plain Street Address or Google virtual map. We give you full control of your vehicle anytime, anywhere - Even when you don't have access to the Internet.


You will sleep better knowing that our tracker is in your vehicle. And we will give you:

  • Full 12-month warranty for all vehicle trackers, backed up by 24-hour customer support.
  • Full offline functionality that lets you track even when there is no internet.
  • SMS log ()ging communication when GPRS coverage isn't good enough.
  • Backup battery that allows your device to function even if vehicle battery is removed.

Fleet Management online system

Once Jofar Ultimate Car Tracking system is activated online, you will be able to:

  • Track your fleet of vehicle real-time on a computer screen.
  • You will be able to Monitor all vehicles, personnel or valuable assets from one unified control center.
  • Setup your own online platform and hosting and be fully independent and in control of all your valuable data.
  • Your drivers can't lie any more as you can always playback history of your vehicles and see all the places your vehicle has been.
  • Stop unauthorized trips, reduce fuel use, monitor idle times, speed alerts, odometer values and vehicle usage statistics.
  • Have simultaneous access from multiple clients.
  • Be able to export all data or any monthly or weekly summary report to Excel.