Jofar ERP

Jofar ERP

Automate your business operations today at a very disruptive price with Jofar Enterprise Resource Planning.

Fully have the control of your business from wherever and whenever!



 Jofar ERP is affordable, powerful and easy to use!

JERP or Jofar Enterprise Resource Planning software provides and cover variety of essential functions that integrates every department of your business around the world by providing real-time view of your data and processes. JERP also streamline every department workflows for better decision making and growth. Our ERP software package can help your business in many ways some of them are as follows:

  • JERP helps in streamlining your Business Process and Workflows
  • It helps you in better customer support and services
  • You gain real time data from various departments allowing quick and powerful decision making
  • Reduce paperwork, duplication of entries and Manual entries.


In summary JERP system helps in increasing your productivity level, profits and altogether growth of your organization, it's main features includes;


Financial management

Financial management or Accounting management is considered as one of the most important modules of any ERP solution. It is a comprehensive module which is easily customizable to fit your business needs. By implementing JERP you're assured of a solid accounting module for proper financial reporting at affordable rates.

Human Resource Management

This another key feature and capability of our ERP software as it deals with the most important people of your business – your employees. Previously HRM module was least consider as it was only managing the basic functionalities such as payroll, employee management and basic reporting. Our HR module will more than exceed your expectations. Our HR modules includes key features such as performance assessment, time tracking, attendance management, employee management recruitment and payroll.

Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM feature deals with your entire customers, leads, and altogether the sales of your business. We offer a full fledged CRM module to ensure proper management of leads, customers, opportunities and altogether better support to your customers and further growth in your business.

Apart from the above there are other modules such as Selling, Invoicing, Purchase management that are included.