What is Jofar Fiber?

If you're not connected to Jofar Fiber you're missing out on flawless streaming, smoother gaming, faster downloads for your home or business!

Please give us a call on +254711820424 to confirm coverage in your area. Price will also be subject to survey. Prices are exclusive of VAT


  • Internet For Business 3Mbps
  • Frequent Email
  • Light Web Browsing
  • Light File Sharing
  • CCTV Backup


  • Internet For Business 5Mbps
  • Frequent Email
  • Moderate Web Browsing
  • Large File Sharing
  • CCTV Backup


  • Internet For Business 10Mbps
  • Heavy Web Browsing
  • Large File Sharing
  • Online Based Businesses
  • Cloud Connectivity

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