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Jofar Systems Ltd provides technology solutions to Governments, SME's NGO's, individuals and large enterprises

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Jofar Systems is a trusted Technology partner, a true extension to each organisation we align ourselves with. Our team is "Addicted to Service", always going the extra mile to ensure our clients are provided with the solution to suit their individual needs. Our core values ensure the company wide vision is met - to create boundless & ICT integrated society. Discover more about who we are, why we're different... and why you should talk to us.

JofarSoft Solutions

• Kodinet

KODInet is an excellent software solution used for revenue collection by goverments, municipals etc. The solution is designed to equip African governments with mechanisms and ways to detect fraud in revenue collection thereby reducing corruption.This enhances productivity, increase in revenue collection among many other benefits. See details

• JofarERP

Jofar Enterprise Resource Planning (JERP) is THE BEST software you need to manage your company! It will provide you with real-time view of your business processes on the move at a very affordable price. Why should you pay more for difficult to use systems? In summary JERP system helps in increasing your productivity level, profits and altogether growth of your organization. See details

JofarSoft Solutions cont..

JofarEdge Software suite

Comprehensive suite of software for web or mobile which will meet any if not all of your needs! If you need ticketing system, rent collecting , cab hailing system, and any mobile app or software you can think of, you are in the right place! See more here

JofarSchool System

Smart School management system that will ensure full automation of all your school processes. Entry, exits and attendances will be automatically tracked via use of smartcards to the integrated system. Managing a school will be such a breeze if you will get in touch with us! Learn more here


Jofar Cloud Technologies


Jofar Securities

With the advancement of technology in the area of crime detection and monitoring, the need for appropriate technolgy to tackle crime has become undeniable, which is why we are introducing the JOFAR SECURITIES  as a tool in tracking crimes and monitoring movement in your company or house

Jofar Fiber

Jofar Fiber is the connection that powers our Jofar Cloud Data Centers. Our advanced Internet technology selects the best and fastest connection wherever you are in the home or oofice for a connection you can count on

Jofar Cloud

With our powerful state of the art Data Centers, we will ensure your data, be it your website, web application or a mobile application is securely hosted.